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The nut is sweet and buttery in taste.

The Cashew nut sits under the soft belly of the cashew's apple

Centuries ago, the Portuguese came to the Indian coasts and brought with them “Cashew", the priceless nut of that time also called “the wonder of the world”. Cashew came and was deeply rooted in the coastal region of India. The seed found the Indian soil more comfortable than its homeland. After some years, the seed becomes one of the popular crops in other parts of India. We manufacture, supply, and export Indian Cashew nuts all over the world. Our customers call us #1 Indian Cashew Nut Manufactures. The surprising feature of the Cashew nut is that most people consider it a nut but it is a seed.

The nut is attached to the lower portion of the cashew apple (looks like a fruit) but in reality, that is the prolonged stem of the tree. The Cashew nut sits under the soft belly of the cashew's apple.

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Cashews are one of the common ingredients in Punjabi gravies. It is roasted and mixed with herbs to add a creamy taste to the gravy. Most Paneer-based recipes use Kaju Gravy to enhance their richness.Most kids love to eat cashews in rice as well. Mix green veggies with a few pieces of cashews to add a rich-look to the otherwise boring rice.

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Kaju Katli is one of the favorite recipes of many.

No Diwali celebration looks complete without Kaju Katli. It is a delicious sweet made from Kaju and condensed milk or Khoya available at the sweet shop. We offer Kaju for all occasions. You can gift our Kaju boxes to your family members on the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

You can add cashews occasionally or whenever you want to pamper yourself with love. Make sure you use the best quality of cashews only for eating purposes.If you are looking for a top-rated Indian Cashew Nut wholesale suppliers in India, contact R.K. Agro-Processing based in Gujarat to get the best quality cashews for your healthy living.