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Everything you wish to know about Cardanol Oil

The important requirement of cashew nut shell liquid is cardanol, which is a natural source of phenol produced from anacardic acid (CNSL), a byproduct of cashew nut manufacturing that can be used as an environmentally beneficial alternative to phenols.

The major component of this nutshell liquid is anacardic acid, with a minor amount of cardol and its methyl variants. Cardanol oil, a highly sought alkyl phenolic molecule in the chemical industry, can be made by decarboxylating CNSL and distilling it. For the automotive brake lining business, the distillation residue can be used to make durable friction grains and adhesives.

Applications of Cardanol Oil:

Chemistry Industry:

Cardanol is used in the chemistry industry to make oils and alcohol soluble resins, laminating resins, rubber compounds, and coating, and as a raw material due to its high insulating inks, acrylics, and enamel paints.

Pigment Solvents:

It’s utilized in friction materials and detergents as pigment solvents in water-based inks, as well as to manufacture phenalkamines, which are curing agents for long-lasting epoxy coatings for hard foundations.

Lamination Industry:

In synthetic resins used as lumber bonding resins and in the lamination industry, cardanol can replace phenol by up to 30%. Looking forward to the best Cardanol Oil manufacturers in India, R.K. Agro-Processing is the firm you should definitely have a stoppage.

Cardanol Energy Solubility Resins Have Many Applications Due to the meta substitution and long hydrocarbon chain in their molecules, cardanol resins are exceptionally soluble in oils, and their films have outstanding properties such as superior electrical properties and chemical resistance.

Paints and Surface Coatings Resin of cardanol Materials has decent air dries and baking qualities in addition to water and chemical protection. These mixtures are appropriate for wooden treatments, food can nitrocellulose lacquer, tax tile spool, and high-end painters.

Benefits of Cardanol Oil:

Cardanol, which is made from cashews, has a long list of advantages for the user. We attempted to list simply a handful of their characteristics.

  • Cardanol’s features include enhanced flexibility, quick drying after baking, strong electric conductivity, and thermal conductivity.
  • Cardanol is a good alternative for the petroleum-based Phenol because of these qualities.
  • Cashew Nut Shell Liquid is used to make this slightly yellow-brown oil (CNSL) Cashew phenol is a common name for this substance.
  • Cardanol’s molecular structure is distinctive, with an unfilled long hydrocarbon chain that makes cross-linking the structure simple.
  • Polymerization:  The polymer’s structure has a water-resistant and weather-resistant covering due to the side chain hydrophobic nature.
  • Cardanol-based resins are resistant to the softening effects of mineral oil.
  • Offer strong alkaline solution resistance, as well as insect and insect resistance.
  • Increased adaptability.


We have our own well enough and established laboratory, so if you need any more technical information about its products, we can readily provide it. Consult some of the best Cardanol Oil Exporters in India, for the supply of Cardanol.

R.K. Agro Processing

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