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We are a top-rated Dried Cashew Nut supplier in India

Cashews are one of the magical ingredients used in the preparation of gravies in Indian restaurants.

The nut is not only useful in the kitchen but also can be used for eating with pleasure. If you are looking for good quality Dried Cashew Nut, look for R.K Agro-Processing based in Gujarat-one of the trending Dried Cashew Nut Manufacturers. What makes us stand out from the crowd is that our products comply with international standards.

Cashews don’t have any taste of their own. They are deep roasted and added to gravies to give them a rich look. Roasting adds sweetness to the taste and helps chefs come up with a tasty recipe. Some people think that cashews are not nuts, they are seeds instead. These seeds are found from the seeds of cashew apples grown on trees in climatic conditions.

R. K. Agro Processing

Offering Superb Quality Range

We sell cashew with shell because the interior of the shell contains a caustic resin called cashew balm. So, we ask our customers to remove the shell before using them. Our caustic resin is mostly sold to industries involved in manufacturing insecticides and varnishes.

Dried Cashew Nut- Premium Quality In Budget

Many people do not consume cashews because they think that they contain oxalates.

We have done some research on this and come up with a conclusion that cashews contain only a small number of oxalates, a naturally-occurring element present in plants, animals, and human beings. Overall consumption of oxalates can result in various health problems. Since our cashews contain very less percentage of this substance, people who believe that they should avoid it, buy from us. Our quality is top-notch. We feel proud while announcing that we can manufacture, sell, export, deal, and ship cashews all over the world.

If your digestive tract is healthy and you can chew cashews slowly, then you must try our Dries cashew nuts to see magical benefits in your body. We are a top-rated Dried Cashew Nut suppliers in India. Our customer base is appreciating since day one we entered into this industry. If you are looking for this incredible seed for your daily diet, do not compromise with the quality.