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Cashew Nut Kernels are obtained from Raw cashews

We, R.K. Agro-Processing based in Gujarat

We, R.K. Agro-Processing based in Gujarat are one of the trending Cashew Kernel Manufacturers manufacturing and supplying kernels complying with International standards. Following grades of Cashew Nut Kernels are generally available for Local and Export are cashew Grades W320, W240, W180, LWP, WHOLE, RAW, FALOVOURED, DRIED, ETC. Whole for can be roasted and used as a snack item. It is one of the prime ingredients of confectionaries and bakery shops. Cashews in form of pieces are used in making sweets. We do sell cashews in form of Baby bites or diced form. Most bakery shops, confectionaries, and ice-cream parlors buy these cashews from us.

The main advantage of eating Cashews is that it does not contain much sugar, and no harmful cholesterol, which means, it is safe for diabetic patients also. Doctors advise 4-5 cashew nuts per day to diabetic patients because of their incredible health benefits.

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Cashews also contain zinc, which plays an important role in building up a strong immunity system. Eating cashews are good for pregnant women as it helps in the growth of the baby inside the fetus and also helpful in the developmental years of childhood in order to get a healthy body.

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Cashew Kernels- Flavor Of Healthiness

Our Cashew Kernels are a rich source of dietary iron which is essential for taking oxygen to various parts of the body and helps in the smooth functioning of enzymes and the immune system. Iron deficiency in the food can result in body fatigue, anemia, and increase vulnerability to infections. Eating cashews remove iron deficiency from the body.Our cashews are a healthy snack option that must be included in your diet. If consumed in moderate quantity, it can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nuts are one of the best alternatives to essential nutrients, particularly for vegetarians who do not eat animal-based products.

We can Export Small Quantities of Cashew Nuts as a Trial Shipment if you want to test the Quality of our Cashew nuts. Serious Buyers who wish to purchase Cashew nuts from the leading Cashew Kernel suppliers in India may contact us with your required quantity,

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